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What are bricks?
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What are bricks?

They’re Brillder®’s interactive digital learning units. We find it easier to call them “bricks” – the building blocks of a brilliant education.
Bricks combine the authority of a textbook with the excitement of a live, scoring game. They’re collectable too – once played, each brick becomes a virtual booklet the learner stores within a growing personalised library.
Follow the four stage process which leads you from stimulating preparatory materials, an against-the-clock investigation, an explanatory synthesis and the review – a chance to consolidate your understanding and improve your score.
Transform the way you use and create resources.

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We’re creating a collective of teachers excited by the potential of Brillder®. Our first 50 ambassadors receive Brillder® for free and benefits such as commissioning bricks, invitations to events and first access to content, as well as receiving a weekly newsletter.
Browse our high quality catalogue designed to challenge you to think on your feet, rather than just testing what you know.
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