From Pre-seed and SEIS rounds, we have attracted investors from the UK, the US, China and Europe. Many are educationalists, but all recognise Brillder’s commercial potential as a new kind of publisher. To join us on a fascinating journey, drop a note to
Mat Doran
Former Head of French,
Dulwich College, London, UK
“I see Brillder as a great tool for 21st century language teaching, and want to help develop the catalogue.”
Adam D’Souza
Owner of ‘The Commons’ Tutoring
Company, London, UK
“Being able to set high quality assignments which mark themselves is incredibly valuable to busy teachers and tutors!”
Thomas Eschler
Owner of Eschtec AG, Swiss
Transport Business
“The potential of Brillder is international and multilingual.”
Thomas Francis
Mining Entrepreneur,
Idaho, USA
“Brillder is actually the only investment I have which I use regularly myself - I particularly enjoy the topical bricks.”
Angelos Pampos
Chartered Financial Analyst,
London UK
“It’s a beautifully designed product and I think it can be monetised in several different ways.”
Mark Wang
School Owner, China (NED)
“International schools like UWC Changshu need a high quality catalogue of resources which can serve remote learning.”
Sherry Xu
Investment Agent,
London and China
“I see Brillder as a potentially lucrative B2B ‘plug in catalogue’ for 21st century schools.”
Peter O'Connell
Owner of the City recruiter, O'Connell Resourcing
Quote: "Helping students make more informed subject and career choices is one of the many advantages of Brillder's Scholar 6 tool".
Jon Almond
Mining Consultant and Property Investor
Quote: "Brillder's quality units seem to plug effortlessly into different roles, like the sixth form choices tool."
Deck may not reflect current valuation or raise. Contact us to learn more about our next round.